Two residents of Transnistrian region, aged 34 and 35, members of a criminal group specialized in burglaries, face up to 15 years of imprisonment.

Chisinau Prosecution Office sent to court criminal charges against the two persons, for committing burglaries of gold jewelry shops in Chisinau and Calarasi District.

Prosecutors established that from February to May 2016, the leaders of the criminal group, who have been detained, along with other accomplices, broke into three jewelry stores in the capital, threatening the employees with guns, they stole items of gold.

They acted in the following way, wearing medical masks, the group members entered the stores, threatened the sellers with a gun of unidentified origin and then used a hammer to break the showcases. After that, the suspects took the gold items from the cases.

Thus, in that period, the suspects stole about 1 kg of gold worth over 700 thousand lei. Subsequently, the precious objects were sold in the Transnistrian region.

In the same period, the criminal group broke into the home of a woman from Calarasi district. They immobilized her and stole money and goods, such as a laptop, mobile phones and gold items, thus causing her a material damage of about 74 000 lei.

Currently, the leaders of the criminal group are in custody, while the prosecutors are undertaking actions to detain the other members of the organized group, whose identities have become known.

If found guilty, the defendants face up to 15 years of imprisonment. 

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