19 860 of undeclared cigarettes were supposed to arrive on the black market of the EU. They were discovered in just one day at customs posts Lipcani and Sculeni. The discovery was made by quadrupeds of Customs Service Dona and Mary.

The customs inspectors together with the police dog Mary, discovered in the floor of a bus carrying parcels to Italy, 18 020 cigarette, Winston brand, with excise stamps of the Republic of Moldova. The tabacco products belonged to a 32-year-old Moldovan citizen, and would have generated an estimated profit of more than 3500 euros.

Another attempt of smuggling cigarettes across the border was registered at At the customs post Lipcani. This time, the quadruped Dona signaled the presence of tobacco in the ceiling of a car. As a result of physical checks, customs officers discovered 1840 Rothmans cigarettes with excise stamps of the Republic of Moldova.

Also in Chisinau airport undeclared goods were discovered during the baggage checks of the passengers traveling from Chisinau to Chisinau. After scanning the luggage of a woman, the customs staff found 126 scarfs without any documents.

The identified goods were taken by the staff to be confiscated, and offenders will be held accountable under the law.

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