Yesterday, August 24, at around 22:00, at Prison No.1, Taraclia, was conducted a throwing over guard buildings of the detention facility. Immediately, the team of supervisors, investigated within the forbidden zone, lifting an spherical object , wrapped with tape that contained five packets of green vegetable substance  with distinct odor of marijuana, two USB cables, a cell phone and 4 accessories for it, communicates the press service of the DIP.

 Only 20 minutes apart, strangers attemted another throw over the buildings of the same detention facility.

 After verifying the territory, law enforcement people discovered: green plant mass similar to marijuana, headphones for a mobile phone and a USB cable.

 DIP also informs that a similar event happened in Prison No. 4 in Cricova. Unknown persons made a shot over the buildings of the prison guards, employees of the detention facility, however, reacted promptly detecting the spherical object, inside which was a green vegetable substance with the odor of marijuana.

 About these cases were notified the employees of radius dislocation  of thePolice Inspectorates prisons, which were handed over the materials gathered for conducting a criminal investigation.

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