Police general inspectorate announced the initiation of a criminal case on the production and distribution of amphetamine. Police suspects 3 men from 20 to 28 years living in the capital and selling amphetamine throughout Moldova. Two of them were arrested in Chisinau at the time of use of narcotic substances.

Police officers of the Dubasari city found that young people who are well aware of the chemistry, produced amphetamine in a makeshift laboratory in the house of one of the members of the group. The main components for amphetamine were imported from Transnistria, everything else was bought in pharmacies in Moldova.

The criminals sold drugs at the price of 350 lei per gram.

One of the suspects was arrested in the village Ustia, in the car of the brand BMW, in which there was a pack of cigarettes and 10 grams of amphetamine inside.

Later, the suspect agreed to cooperate with the investigation team, and on March 22 at Chisinau was arrested a second suspect - a member of the criminal network, which was going to take drugs. In his car was made a search, as a result the police found amphetamine ready for use and the foil liner in which was the rest of the tablets. 

On the same day was arrested and the third member of the group. With him and in the car wash, which he owns, was found 4000 lei, the proceeds for the sale of drugs. Also, at the group leader was found the pistol «Mauser», on which he didn’t have permission and containers in which were found the traces of the drugs.

The police initiated a criminal case under article «Illegal circulation of narcotics, psychotropic substances and their analogues». The criminal penalty can be the imprisonment for 15 years.

The investigation is continuing in order to establish all the circumstances of the case.

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