Three people, including a former civil servant, were detained by law enforcement officers suspected of embezzlement plots of land belonging to the local public administration of Truşeni village.

According to the press officer of the National Investigation Inspectorate, Diana Sochircă the suspects are 41, 57 and 75 years old and are residing in the village Truşeni and Straseni. Sochircă said that “They were detained for 72 hours. The three suspects were implementing fraudulent schemes for the past 17 years. One of them was previously convicted. We are currently performing investigative actions to identify all group members and the beneficiaries of land plots.”

According to police, one of the suspects was the mayor of Truşeni village during the years 1999-2011. He, together with other persons within the Cadastru State Enterprise and an enterprise specializing in geodesy, in collusion with other individuals organized a fraudulent scheme of embezzlement of plots of land belonging to the local public administration of Truşeni village.

Subsequently, the plots of land were sold through third parties at a price of 10-15 thousand dollars per lot, thus causing extremely large prejudice to the economic interests of the state.

Thus, based on their functional responsibilities, the decision makers of the institution, were identifying the plots of land from the village Truşeni, and were illegally selling them to persons interested in purchasing land for construction of houses. However these plots of land were documented as being assigned freely to the residents, according to some decisions of false contracts.

To confer legality, one of the suspects, was perfecting the technical dossier of the property based on false decisions and in absence of the beneficiary, then perfecting the technical dossier of the property to be presented to the SE “Cadastru”.

On the 26th of November, the police conducted five searches at the suspects' homes and offices. Following the searches, there were found and seized pieces from false decisions of the Truşeni Council, from various time periods, both original and copies, clean papers A4 with SE “Cadastr” stamp on them (old version), blank sale contracts of land plots, only with the stamp of Truşeni City Hall and the seller’s signature on them.

Subsequently, personal interest was determined by identifying the handwriting, indicating the numbers of cadastral and land surfaces that were to be sold, sets of standard models of documents with reference to the years 1993-1999, in which only details of intermediaries, data of the identification number and lot surface for alienation had to be filled in.

Also, there were identified some receipts on buyers’ obligations towards the Truşeni Mayoralty officials, as a result of the illegal purchase of land plots and stamps of the liquidated / reorganized enterprises.

If found guilty, the suspects can be punished by imprisonment for up to 15 years.

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