The Police detained three people for threatening with death and blackmailing a 22-year-old resident from Străşeni district. The detainees are aged between 22 and 27 years, residing also in Străşeni.

On November 22nd ,2016 the police was notified by a young man who said that on the evening of November 11th , he was kidnapped by three people, forced into a car, and then taken to a sector of the city Străşeni. There he was threatened with death with an unidentified weapon, under an invented pretext, that he had allegedly stolen gold jewelry from their cousin. The gunmen asked 5 000 lei from the young man.

Following the investigations carried out by the officers of the National Investigation Inspectorate together with the employees of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation, Prosecution for Organized Crime Combat and Special Causes and employees of Special police brigade “Fulger”, the operation to detain the suspects was organized on November 24th.

The group leader was detained while receiving 5000 lei from the victim. There were subsequently detained and two other accomplices, who were in Străşeni. Following the searches, there were found the money received from the victim in the amount of 5,000 lei and a pneumatic gun.

A criminal case was initiated regarding this matter, based on the art. 189 par. 3 of the Criminal Code of RM. According to the law, the persons found guilty of blackmail shall be punished with imprisonment for 7-10 years.

At the moment, some additional measures are taken to identify all individuals who have suffered from the illegal actions of the group members.

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