Three residents of Basarabeasca District were detained by police on suspicion of blackmailing a young man of 32, resident of the same locality.

The blackmailers were detained, following the statement, filed on 8 November by the victim. He told the police that for a month he had been threatened with violence and blackmailed under an invented pretext of a debt. The blackmailers asked him to return the amount of 500 euros.

Following the investigations, the law enforcements detained two of the suspects in the act of receiving money from the victim. Later, the third suspect involved in this criminal case was also detained. The three men are aged between 39 and 49 years.

Diana Sochirca, press officer of the National Inspectorate of Investigation, said, "One of the suspects is being investigated at large, an arrest warrant for a period of 30 days was issued for the second suspect, and the third man is currently in custody for a period of 72 hours. The suspects have no criminal record”.

Following the body searches and searches carried out in the homes of the suspects,  the police found and seized mobile phones, SIM cards used by the group members, about one kilogram of poppy straw and the money recieved from the victim in the amount of 500 euros.

A criminal case was initiated in this respect. If found guilty, the suspects face a prison term of 5-7 years.

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