Yesterday, June 15, prosecutors of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) detained for 24 hours three priests from Husi and Vaslui, suspected of blackmail. 

According to the press release of the DNA, prosecutors detained Sebastian Jitaru, archimandrite of Husi Episcopal Cathedral, Gheorghe Damian, charity priest of Vaslui County Hospital and Razvan Bumbu, parish priest of Valeni Parish, Vaslui County.

According to the prosecutors, in the period of May 30 - June 14, the priest of the Husi Cathedral threatened a person in the leadership of the Orthodox Church to divulge a real or imaginary act, compromising the latter. Thus, Sebastian Jitaru wanted to obtain, unjustly, both a patrimonial and a non-patrimonial benefit, namely, his nomination for a vicar bishop's position (a cleric ordained in the episcopate stage without having his own administrative function, but carrying out his activities under the authority of a bishop, archbishop, metropolitan or patriarch, as his help in canonical and administrative activities).

The other two defendants did the same thing in the period of 12 - 14 June 2017, but they claimed only money (50,000 euros) without any "advancement".

Today, June 16, the three suspects will face the Vaslui Tribunal, which will examine a 30-day pre-trial detention proposal.

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