Three employees of the Moldovan Railways State Enterprise have been detained for cigarette smuggling. To avoid customs control, the suspects hid various goods in places that have been especially arranged in the trains on the Chisinau-Bucharest international route. Having crossed the border, the products were sold.

According to the police, the criminal actions of the suspects have been taking place since 2016 until now.

Railway employees working on the international route Chisinau-Bucharest and train conductors placed cigarettes and slightly altered products in the hiding places of each wagon so as not to be detected during checks. Having crossed the Romanian border, the goods were sold by other people. The scheme was used both for introducing and removing tobacco products from the country.

In this case, 18 searches were carried out on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. The searches revealed about 20 thousand cigarettes of Ashima brand in the floor of a train wagon on the Chisinau-Bucharest route.

At the same time, 280 thousand cigarettes of Ashima brand and 100 thousand Rotmans Denim cigarettes were found at the suspects’ homes in Falesti district and subsequently seized.

The total value of the cigarettes detected is about 300 thousand lei.

Currently, the persons detained are under preventive arrest.

The suspects are investigated in a case of smuggling. If found guilty, they risk imprisonment of up to 10 years and fines of up to 500 thousand lei.

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