A batch of 2.275 packs of cigarettes of various brands were to be taken out of the country unlawfully. The attempt was stoped by employees of the VEST regional directio, near Medeleni, Ungheni, during an ambush. The police have detained a young man, aged 24, who planned, along with two other young people from Moldova to withdraw the 55 thousand cigarettes.

In the morning, a group of three people were observed while monitoring the state border, and the Border Police patrol took actions. The group, ensuring that the patrol was removed from the area chosen for illegally crossing, started moving toward the state border. At around 7.15, just a few meters from the River Prut, officers of the Regional Directorate of Special Investigation VEST in an ambush, asked the young people to stop. They, however, have not complied, abandoned the parcels and tried to escape, dispersing in different directions. Soon, one man was caught. He is a 24-year-old man from Pârliţa, Ungheni.

At the scene, border guards have raised three parcels with cigarettes, which were packed in cigarette packet 2275, with excise stamps of the Republic of Moldova.

A offense report was filed on the case. Tobacco products have been detained, and the guilty persons must pay a fine of 150 c.u.

Currently, employees of Border Police continue the research in order to document the entire criminal activities and identify all persons involved.

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