Three members of a criminal group were detained by law enforcements on suspicion of committing a series of thefts of license plates of cars, registered abroad.

So far, police have identified ten owners of cars, who had been stolen license plates and for their return, the individuals demanded money from 500 lei to 1,000 lei. Thus, the suspects received the requested money only in four cases, while in the remaining six cases the license plates were seized by police and returned to the owners.

Press officer of the Chisinau Police Department, Natalia Stati, said that young people are aged between 18 - 21 years and come from a village of Falesti District. "The criminal group consisted only of these three suspects. The cars with the stolen license plates were registered in countries like Bulgaria and Lithuania. The suspects have no criminal record. Currently, they are investigated at large,” Natalia Stati said.



In the course of the hearings, the suspects admitted their guilt on all counts. They noted that after the thefts, they left notes on car windshields, indicating their phone number and amounts of money requested in exchange for the license plates.

Currently, the suspects are prosecuted for theft and can be punished with a fine from 6000 lei to 20 000 lei, unpaid community work for 180 to 240 hours, or imprisonment for up to 4 years.

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