Law enforcers of the unrecognized Transnistrian republic announced on Thursday, December 8 the discovery of a case of murder, committed six years ago.

According to the press service of the Interior Ministry in Tiraspol, the dead body of an unknown person was found on 27 February 2010, in a lake near the village of Blijnii Hutor, Slobodzia. The forensic examination found that it was a violence-related death.

The deceased was recognized as a resident of Tiraspol, aged 39, who had been considered missing. His relatives looked for him everywhere. They also communicated that he had left home on 22 January and never returned.

After six years of investigation, the prosecutors indicted a resident of Bender, aged 24. He fully confessed to the crime.  The young man told that in the evening of 22 January (at that moment he was 17), he visited an acquaintance of his in Kirovsk district, where they consumed drinks. Later, a neighbor who, according to him, had had an argument with his wife, dropped in. When the house owner went out, the two had a strife.

The accused, being intoxicated, inflicted several blows to the victim, which made him lose consciousness. Assuming that the man died, the young man dumped the body into the lake. At that moment, the victim recovered and tried to save himself, but the defendant kept his head under the water until he drowned and then pushed the body under the ice.

The prosecution also charges the defendant with a theft. He is currently in custody.

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