Râbniţa city police form the self-proclaimed Transnistrian republic, has detained the 33 year-old Alexandru Merkulov, who was searched by the law enforcement authorities for committing a murder on the night of the first of January, 2017.

The investigation started when at Râbniţa hospital a 60-year-old man was brought that night, with wounds in his neck. Shortly after his admission to the hospital, the man died.

The criminal case was filed on the article 104 of the Criminal Code - "murder". The investigation established that Merkulov consumed alcoholic beverages on the night of 1st of January, with his mother’s concubine. Later, the two got in a fight and Merkulov injured the old man in the neck with a knife. He then left the crime scene and his mother called the ambulance.

After an extensive search operation, he was detained in one of his friend's apartment.

The police also said that Merkulov was convicted previously five times. Last time he got out of prison was on November 5th, 2016, after serving a sentence for armed robbery.

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