The police officers detained three members of a criminal group, coming from Moldova and Romania, for recruiting young girls and forcing them perform online sex shows.

The group included 2 women and a man aged 22, 28 and 35 years respectively, while the recruited girls were 18 - 23 years old. Following the investigations, the group members were detained in the act of surveilling and coordinating the work of the girls.

Press officer of the National Investigation Inspectorate, Diana Sochirca, said that altogether, they had recruited seven young women, including girls from vulnerable families. "The group has carried out their activities for three months. Its members have no criminal record. Currently, law enforcement officers take measures to determine other potential members of the group, Sochirca communicated.

Police have established that the suspects published advantageous offers on social networks. Later, young recruits were accommodated in a luxury villa in Chisinau, specially arranged for this purpose, where they provided online sexual services to virtual customers.

A criminal case for pimping was initiated in this respect. Currently, the Romanian citizens have been detained for 30 days, while the Moldovan citizen is investigated at large. If found guilty, the suspects risk a prison term of up to seven years.

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