The police detained three tricksters that deceived the old people from Moldova and got money from them. They turned out to be two men and a woman from 26 to 28 years from Romania. According to the law enforcement agencies they organized several seminars for old people in the hotels of the capital. There were 200 old persons daily. The organizers proposed them different “medical products” to normalize the pressure and the level of oxygen in the blood. They convinced many old people to pay 25 000 lei for those “wonderful medicines”. Some old people even got loans to buy medicines and devices.

The doctors affirm those were simple household appliances.

A group of 30 young women recruited persons to participate in the seminars.

During the checks at homes and in the offices of the criminals the police found more than 200 000 lei, gained through the illegal activity, as well as computers, 50 cell phones, two cars and narcotic substances.

The three suspects are being investigated over the case of a large scale fraud and risk imprisonment from 8 to 15 years.

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