A truck full of smuggled cigarettes was detained near the town Ungheni. More than 20 000 packs of cigarettes, with a total value of 7000 euros were intended for sale on the black market of the European Union.

According to police, the investigation in this case was initiated a few months ago, when the employees of the Border Police were given the information on the illegal acts of transporting tobacco products, through smuggling them from Moldova to Romania.

In this respect, the border guards have started a criminal case, due to which it was possible to uncover a group of people who had a well organized criminal scheme about transportation, storage and transmission of tobacco products from Transnistria to the Union European.

The group members are residents of different regions of the country, aged between 25 and 40 years. Thus, the cigarettes were sent to intermediary people, who then transported them by smuggling, across the River Prut into Romania.


The press service of the Border Police said that, on November 9th , the law enforcement operation, started the retention of goods and individuals involved in the smuggling actions. Thus, the border guards tried to stop a van in traffic, near the town Ungheni, registered in the Republic of Moldova. The van did not stop at the police’s sign and continued driving with excessive speed, creating obstacles to be stopped or overtaken. Shortly, the vehicle was locked in the traffic, but the driver managed to flee from the spot.

As a result of the van’s searched, the policed identified 400 000 cigarettes branded "Ashima", camouflaged in the double walls of the van. The entire quantity of cigarettes, valued on the Moldovan market to about 7000 euro and the truck, were stored at the headquarters of the Border Police Department, to elucidate the circumstances of the offense.



There were subsequently carried out searches at the residence of one of the suspects, where the police confiscated a motorboat.

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The police continues the investigation of the case, to identify the persons involved and to exterminate the whole criminal group.

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