Two 18 year-old men, villagers of Tuzara, Calaras District, were detained on suspicion of breaking into nine automobiles.

 Police General Inspectorate communicated that on the night of 18 to 19 August at 02.00, the police inspectorate of Calarasi District was notified that unknown persons damaged the windows of the cars that were parked in front of a block of flats in Alexandru cel Bun Str.,  Calarasi. 

Arriving on the site, police identified and arrested the suspects, one of whom is in conflict with the law for committing burglary. Police found stereos, money and other goods on them.

It was stated that nine cars that were parked in Alexandru cel bun Str. were damaged. The perpetrators stole stereos and other goods, the estimated damages amount to 20 000 lei. 

Police are investigating the case to determine all the circumstances and take a legal decision.

If found guilty, the suspects risk up to 4 years of imprisonment for theft of belongings.

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