Two foreign citizens, who were promoting jihadism in Moldova, in support of international terrorist organizations, were identified and arrested by the Prosecutor’s Office of Organized Crime Combat and Special Common Causes of Intelligence and Security Service.

People, aged between 18 and 46, were detained under the special investigative measures, directed to prevent and combat terrorism in Moldova. The two foreigners were targeted by the Intelligence and Security Service for suspected activities of self-radicalization and spread through online platforms and social networking of messages of support for terrorist entities, publishing systematically messages of justification for public terrorism.

Following the searches conducted at the homes of the foreigners in Chişinău, prosecutors, together with ISS officers found documents of radical propaganda and information systems demonstrating their criminal actions and intentions.

As for the two criminals,  criminal cases were initiated for "public justification of terrorism."

According to the press release of the General Prosecutor's Office, the detained persons admitted their fault entirely.

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