Two men, who a year ago beat to death two people in a forest strip in the capital, were sentenced by the Botanica District Court to 13 and 14 years of imprisonment.

The court's decision was rendered on October 5, with the right to challenge it to the Court of Appeal.

The men, residents of Nisporeni, aged between 28 and 31, were convicted of intentional serious bodily injury, which caused the victim's death, even if they were suspected of murder of two or more persons.

The murder took place on 15 December 2015 in a forest strip behind the house in Mazilelor 23 St., in the capital, where defendants planned to hide a bag with brass.

Being intoxicated, the defendants (Culaghin Andrei and Luncasu Gheorghii) applied several blows with hands and feet to 2 men, whose identity has not yet been determined by the criminal prosecution body. Following the blows, the victims, aged about 35-40 and 40-45, died.

Blows were applied in the fight that started among the four men because of an old conflict between a defendant and one of the victims. The second victim was unknown by the two men.

After committing the crime, defendants were caught red-handed, returning to the scene to take the bag with brass. They said then that they did not commit the murder intentionally, admitting only the blows.

As they confessed the guilt, the court ruled that men should not be charged with murder, but only with serious intentional body or health injury, committed by two persons to other 2 persons, causing the victim's death.

This decision also depended on the fact that the defendants returned to the scene, did not wipe the blood and let one of the victims leave.


Thus, based on the evidence collected, the court sentenced one of the men, who had previously been on trial, to 14 years of imprisonment in a closed type prison, and the second one to 13 years, in the same type of prison.

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