A Moldovan and a Ukrainian were caught by border guards while planning to cross the state border illegally from Moldova to Ukraine.

The case was registered yesterday, August 24, on the segment of responsibility of Border Police Vulcăneşti Sector.

Thus, around 16.45, the patrol on mission of border surveillance, observed, from Ukraine, a motorcycle that was parked in the immediate vicinity of the border line. Border guards have taken special measures to control perimeter intensively on Moldovan territory, with careful monitoring of actions in the region. As a result, in the direction of Vulcăneşti - Vinogradovka at a distance of 20 meters from the Moldovan-Ukrainian border,  two people were seen advancing on foot and hurried step. Was noted the intention to cross fraudulently the border, SPF Vulcăneşti patrol intervened with their detention.

In the spot, the men could not justify their presence in the area, more so they could not be legitimated because of lack of identity documents. From further research it was found that one person is a citizen of Ukraine, for 40 years, and the second - a 29-year-old Moldovan, communicates the press service of the Border Police.

At the same time, additional checks have revealed that the Moldavian citizen is in conflict with the law, on his behalf enforcement bodies of national rules issued an arrest warrant with a sentence of eight years in prison. Therefore, the young man was referred to the Police Inspectorate of Vulcăneşti to fulfill his arrest.

The Ukrainian citizen was detained for 72 hours.

Currently, research on the case is continued by Border Police from South Regional Directorate, in order to establish all the circumstances and legal measures to be taken.

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