Two men from Basarabeasca district, were accused for growing hemp to market in Russia. The defendants have previous criminal records, are 31 and 42 years old and are currently in custody.

The General prosecutor’s Office stated that “Basarabeasca Regional Prosecutor determined that, during July 2016, the defendants had grown hemp plant in the household oh one of their parents, for the purposed of distributing it, and the processed it and obtained approximately one kilogram of marijuana.

This summer, the defendants hid the drug in the parcels that they wanted to take to the Russian Federation for further distribution, but narcotic substances were found and confiscated during the attempt to pass through the checkpoint of the state border.”

The prosecutors that are documenting this case, have finished the criminal investigation and submitted the criminal case to the court for investigation. The men are accused of drug cultivation, processing, distribution and drug smuggling attempt.

If found guilty of this crime, they are facing 15 years in prison.


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