The Transnistrian police detained in the evening of November 28th, two persons from the village Speia, Anenii Noi  district, suspected of committing several armed robberies.

The press service of the Interior Ministry of the self-proclaimed Transnistrian republic, stated that Artur Avdotiev,24 years old and Radu Roman, 21 years old, will be accused of committing several armed robberies.

According to investigators, the last episode occurred recently on 16 November 2016, around 20:00. Evdotiev and Roman, forced the door of a 71-year-old retired woman, wearing masks. After they threatened her with a knife and physical abuse, they have stolen from the house 1,600 Transnistrian rubles, the equivalent of 141 US dollars.

The police stated that both detainees had previously been convicted for theft.

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