Two members of a criminal group suspected of pimping were detained for 72 hours. The residents of Ungheni, aged 19 and 28, recruited young girls for prostitution in a Dutch nightclub.   

For a month, the Center for Combating Human Trafficking documented their activities and determined that the group included several people with well-defined roles.

The suspects, taking advantage of the vulnerability of three young women, aged between 21 and 25 years, recruited them for rendering intimate services in a Dutch nightclub. The suspects promised the victims around 300 euros per hour for the services rendered.

Following the raids, conducted by police on December 1, 2016, two members of the group were detained red-handed at Sculeni crossing point. They were accompanying to the Netherlands one of the recruits, aged 22.

A criminal case was initiated in this respect. The persons found guilty of "pimping committed by two or more persons" are liable to imprisonment for a period of 4-7 years.

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