Two young men from Ungheni were detained by border guards for attempted passage of 55 thousand contraband cigarettes in Romania. They did that, although only 10 days ago, the two have committed a similar attempt.

Detention took place on September 19 in Medeleni, where officers organized an ambush. At 16.00, in the village was noticed a car, which dropped 3 people who had three parcels. Later, people walked to the border line, making themselves unseen by the abundant vegetation in the area. Border Police officers tracked them using the service dog, Grant, and just 5 meters from the shore of the river Prut, the young people were identified. During the arrest of the strangers, they did not subjected to summons of the border guards trying to flee from the spot in different directions. Finally, were caught two Moldovan citizens, aged 22 and 24 years, residents of Ungheni.

Not far from the place of detention were raised three parcels, in which were packaged 1.500 Ritm packs of cigarettes and 1.250 - Plugarul.

The entire quantity of cigarettes was deposited at the headquarters of the Regional Directorate VEST, pending documentation of the case.

From primary research, border guards found that the young people are at the second attempt of crossing cigarettes in the neighboring country. First attempt was reported on 12 September. People have used the same direction of transporting the contraband cigarettes but also the same quantity.

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