A 25-year-old man from Drochia, was stabbed last night, December 20th, after a conflict. Also, his 19-year-old friend suffered multiple wounds and is now in the hospital. 

The Head of the Press Service from Drochia Police Inspectorate, Olga Chistol said that everything happened in front of a disco bar from the village. "The victims arrived at the bar at 23:30, and after having consumed alcohol, around 1:00, got into the car to leave. In the meanwhile, two other boys approached the car, aged between 26 and 33, who have made a sign for them to get out of the car."said Chistol.

When the first one got out of the car, the two began to beat him, hitting him with fists and feet, and applying him several blows with a knife in the abdomen and chest. The second guy got out of the car to try and stop the beating, but after a blow to the head, he was injured with a knife on his left arm and leg.

"The two were transported to the hospital. The 25-year-old man was hospitalized in intensive care. There are two suspects in this case. Currently, the necessary measures are taken to detain the suspects. However, one of them will be heard today, "said Olga Chistol.

The reason of the conflict is not known yet.

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