A young man of 28 years made an attempt to send thousands of  ampules of anabolic substances to South Korea.

The frontiersmen said that two identical packages were checked due the Customs control. They were sent from Chisinau and contained 3 thousand ampules of such anabolics: Danabol, Strombafort, Clenbuterol, Clomed.

In spite of these in three hours  the inspectors checked another parcel from the same person to a person in South Korea. At this time the ampules were hidden in 4 boxes of chocolate.

So the person that used to send anabolic substances was detained for the second time. His data didn’t coincide with the data on the parcel.

The anabolic substance was confiscated and the violations now are investigating by the officers of the Department for combating customs violations of the customs of mun.Chishinau.

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