The criminal Ion Drutsa named «Vanea-Pisatel’» is condemned for 20 years of prison. The Supreme Court rejected his appeal and kept the sentence.

We remember that in October 2015 it was set that Drutsa killed three men.

The prosecutors find evidences that he organized the murder of the men in 2000 when they refused to share money from the sale of a stolen car. The bodies of killed persons were found only in 2008 in a woodland belt near the Chishinau-Hincheshti road.

In 2011 the Ialoveni court acquitted Drutsa because of the absence of corpus delicti. The prosecutors tried to appeal the sentence and succeeded when the Court of Appeals condemned him for 20 years.

The sentence of the Supreme Court can not be appealed.

We should remark that at the beginning of the last year Ion Drutsa was condemned for 5 years in prison for the illegal sale of ammunition and arms.

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