Veaceslav Platon, sentenced by the Chişinău District Court to 18 years of imprisonment in the criminal case of billion theft, will have to pay the state 869,224,839 lei, money that he would have stolen from the former Savings Bank. He will also have to pay the expenses incurred by the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office, 85,810 lei, and by the NAC, 217,258 lei, during the criminal prosecution actions.

If the sentence pronounced by the court of law is maintained, then a part of Platon's debts to the state could be paid after the alienation of the assets he held. The magistrates have decided that Platon's assets, which were seized, are to be auctioned on account of his debts.

Thus, 63.89% of Moldindconbank's shares will be sold at auction, 83.12% of ASITO's shares, estimated at 170 thousand euros, 87.27% of Alliance Insurance Group shares, amounting to 3 673 651 lei at Moldasig, as well as Broker Asito JSE shares.

At the same time, 16 land plots and related constructions owned by Platon in various cities in the Republic of Moldova are to be alienated, as well as another 29 real estate owned by the convict on the territory of Chisinau.

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Platon's lawyers say that their client was deprived of any right, including the right to the last word, and that they could present this case to the ECHR.

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