Nearly a year after being detained, Veaceslav Platon received his sentence today, April 20. The businessman was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment by the judges of the Buiucani District Court in Chisinau.

Platon will serve his sentence in a closed penitentiary, and he is not allowed to take up positions in the banking system for five years.

The judges also ordered the accused to pay  869 million lei in favor of the state.

Prosecutor Andrei Baiesu said that the court ordered the alienation of the assets belonging to Platon in order to recover the damage caused by him. "These goods are of a much lower value, they are goods from ASITO, shares from Moldindconbank". Baiesu also said that he was satisfied with the fact that Platon was convicted and that he would be detained at Penitentiary no. 13 until the decision of the Court of Appeal.

Platon's lawyers have pleaded for an acquittal. The defender Eduard Rudenco informed that Platon had no right to express himself and that he had been "deprived of every right". He also added that they would appeal the decision to the Chisinau Court of Appeal and prepare the file to go to the ECHR.

Platon said in the courtroom, that it is a circus directed by Vlad Plahotniuc, and after the sentence was pronounced, he asked the judges to look him in the eye. At the same time, Platon declared that his sentence was one for the all the people.

Veaceslav Platon is accused of benefiting from bad loans from Savings Bank, worth about 800 million lei. He was arrested on July 26, 2016 in Ukraine, and on August 29, 2016 was extradited to the Republic of Moldova.

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