Several consignments of undeclared goods were confiscated by officers of the Mobile Teams  of Border Service, that counteracted two attempts of placement on the market of consumer goods without certificates of origin and attempted export of cigarettes for subsequent marketing in the EU market .

According to the press release of the Border Service, in the first case, inspectors of the Mobile Teams have detained 4 tons of vegetables that were brought into the country bypassing the border control. The goods were discovered after checking a vehicle near the village Hirbovat, Anenii Noi district. At the request of border officers, the driver could not provide the documents of origin of the vegetables, which is why the transport unit was escorted to the Border Office in Chisinau. As a result of investigations, it was established that the goods belong to the driver and the passenger who was with him.

The second case was registered by the border station nearby Cahul been there have been detected several batches of clothing, which have not been declared to border authorities. The goods belonged to a Moldovan citizen, aged 33.

Another attempted violation of border legislation was recorded also near Cahul, where were detained 43.960 cigarettes of various brands with excise stamps of the Republic of Moldova. Tobacco products were intended for sale on the black market of the European Union, being expected a profit of over EUR 4.000.

All consignments of goods were retained for confiscation, and those involved risk fines of MDL 12.000.

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