David Davitean, the ex brother-in-law of the killer Vitalie Proca, revealed in the court the names of the two people who helped him obtain the order to remove him from criminal investigation in March of 2016 ,after being suspected of committing a robbery four years ago.

Among the names listed Davitean, disclosed the name of the former deputy, Constantin Botnari, the head of the Prosecutor's Office for Combating Organized Crime, and the head of the Chisinau Prosecutor’s Office, Igor Popa. They have not commented on the Davitean’s statements yet.

Davitean said that after the file was suspended, he tried to obtain his passport three years later, and for that he needed a copy of the order for cancelation of the criminal investigation started against him. Since the prosecutor Liliana Corpaci will postpone it from day to day, Davitean says he addressed Constantin Botnari, with whom he had friendly relationship, and he would have instructed Nicholae Chitoroaga to solve the problem.

David Davitean had good words for the prosecutor Igor Popa: "He is a very good man, smiling, we quickly found common topics of conversation since we both practiced wrestling, we talked about Diaspora. Mr. Popa knows many Armenians. He called Corpaci and told him to issue the document. When Corpaci saw me, he was astonished."

Davitean claims that his problems began in 2010 after he had a conflict with the entrepreneur Andrei Timotin, which would be close to Plahotniuc, and that the businessman would set his car on fire.

Andrei Timotin.jpg

Andrei Timotin. Source: alllady.md

The General Prosecutor’s Office decided to resume the criminal investigation against David Davitean, suspected of committing a robbery four years ago, businessmen and two prosecutors from the General Prosecutor’s Office, and for shooting a man from Chisinau in the leg , in 2004. Davitean is also accused that together with two other accomplices broke into an apartment situated on Docuceaev str. from Chisinau, on the night of November 21st of 2012, where they attacked Vitalie Diaconu, the counselor of the „Ascom” president, Anatol Stati, with a CZ gun, and stole two mobile phones- one "Black Berry" phone of about 10 thousand lei and one „Vertu” phone of about 200 thousand lei. In the apartment there were also two prosecutors of the criminal investigation and special causes department of the General Prosecutor’s Office, accompanied by three prostitutes, including a 17-year-old minor. 

David Davitean was detained by the Prosecution for Combating Organized Crime in September of 2016 being suspected that he have helped Proca in his attempt to assassinate Gherman Gorbunţov.

In 2004, Davitean was accused by the prosecutors of murder attempt. Being drunk in the bar "Nostalgie", Davitean shot in the leg the citizen Golovco Veaceslav, and left the crime scene. The file was suspended because Davitean was not to be found.

On the 10th of march of 2010, Davitean David, being in the restaurant "Velgar" from Chisinau and being under the influence of alcohol, he beat Andrei Timotin, the owner of the restaurant. Davitean was released from criminal liability by the Supreme Court of Justice on the grounds that he committed the less serious offense for the first time, paid the material prejudice to the victim and sincerely regretted committing the crime.

David Davitean had trouble with the law in the US also. In 2011, the Police Department from Florida, issued an APB on name and offered a reward for information about Davitean’s whereabouts, because he assaulted a patrol agent, who caught him driving under the influence of alcohol.

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