A resident of Leova District, aged 20, killed a woman in the vicinity of South Bus Station of Chisinau. The victim's dead body was found in the morning of November 20.

The task force of the Center District Police Inspectorate and a forensic pathologist conducted on-site investigations. The forensic expert found traces of bruising on the head of the victim, and the examination established that the death had occurred as a result of mechanical asphyxia. The woman turned out to be a resident of Chisinau, aged 46.

Investigators of Chisinau Police Department and officers of Center District Police Inspectorate initiated special investigative measures to identify and arrest the perpetrator.

24 hours later, the perpetrator was arrested. The man had been previously tried for economic crimes. In the course of preliminary hearings, the young man confessed his criminal actions and revealed details, saying that he aimed to strip the woman of her mobile phone.

The suspect is investigated in custody for intentional homicide and risks imprisonment of 10 - 15 years.

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