The young girl from Straseni, declared missing on Friday, November 25, has been found dead in a house under construction in the same locality. The information was confirmed by the head of the Press Service of the General Inspectorate of Police, Natalia Bucur-Bandas.

5:50 p.m. Sources in Police Inspectorate of Straseni communicated for that they identified five persons that killed the 14-year-old girl. Four of the five minor perpetrators were detained, while another one fled to Romania.

The minors have consumed alcohol together and after that killed the girl. They admitted their guilt.

The Police Inspectorate press officer says that in fact, the police suspect three minors to have killed the young girl, two of them acknowledged their guilt.

"There are three suspects, two of them have been detained for 72 hours and admitted their guilt. Traces of violent death were discovered on the victim’s body. The forensic examination will determine whether there was a rape," Bucur-Bandas said.

4:40 p.m. Victim’s mother admitted that the clothing and shoes found near the body belong to her daughter.

The dead body of the minor was found in a deserted building in the proximity of Straseni District Council. The preliminary examination found signs of violent death on the victim's body. 


Previously, victim’s mother said that was precisely the place, where her daughter was seen crying on Friday, before disappearing.

According to Natalia Bucur- Bandas, the young girl has been recently discovered by police. "The girl’s identity has to be confirmed by her mother. We don’t know yet the causes of her death. We cannot reveal other details. The police will determine all the circumstances of the case. We shall come up with more details later," Natalia Bucur-Bandas added.

The entire staff of Police Inspectorate of Straseni, as well as employees of other inspectorates in the country, had been looking for the girl, aged 14, as of Monday, November 28, when victim's mother filed a statement to the police, claiming her daughter was missing.

According to the police, the young girl disappeared on Friday. After classes, she went for a walk in the park with her friends, but she never arrived home.
According to the sources, the girl used to run away from home, after arguing with her parents. This was the third time when she disappeared. There were cases, when she ran away along with her elder sister and a pal.

Sources also claim that she had a boyfriend in Chisinau, much older than her, and last week, she was seen in a nightclub in Chisinau.

The police will open a criminal case in this respect.
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