A 23-year-old man from Plop-Știubei, Căușeni district, fatally hit a man with his car and left the crime scene. The young man was arrested shortly after, by the patrol agents at a garage where he wanted to repair the car.

The National Patrol Inspectorate was alerted yesterday evening by a young man who discovered the body of a man on the street in Căușeni. The Operative Group found that the man died because of the injury caused, and also identified a headlight of the car involved in the accident. The body was identified, and it turned out to be of a 37-year-old man from Tănătari village.

According to the National Patrol Inspectorate, five patrol crews were involved in order to identified the man involved in the crime scene, and the suspect of the crime was detained in less than one hour. After committing the crime, the defendant went to an auto service center to repair his car.

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The driver admitted that while driving across Alba Iulia street from Căușeni to Plop-Știubei village, he has hit a person and then left the crime scene.

The prosecution started a criminal investigation to establish all the circumstances relating to the case.

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