A young man, aged 22, has been sentenced to 9 years and 5 months of imprisonment for a robbery attack on a foreign exchange house in the capital. He tried to steal all the money, but got scared of the alarm and fled.

According to the prosecutors, the case took place on the evening of March 9, 2018. The defendant, having a hood on his head and armed with a gun of "Automatic Bruni 96" model, entered a currency exchange on Decebal Boulevard.

He threatened the cashier with his gun and asked for all the money, but because the alarm was triggered, the young man scared and fled from the scene. 

Shortly after, he was detained and was held in custody until his sentence was pronounced.

In the hearings, the attacker admitted his guilt. He said he needed money for personal needs. The young man did not have a job and was previously tried for committing a robbery.

The sentence has the right to appeal.

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