The hideous crime of the 23-year-old Moldovan terrified the residents of the city of Bergamo, Italy. Vladislav Turcan used a hammer and a knife to kill his stepfather, Giuseppe Grillo, aged 40, and inflicted several body injuries to his mother.

According to the Italian media, a conflict arouse between the two and the young man’s mother tried to calm them down. The incident occurred in the family’s apartment on August 7. writes that the young man hit the man with a hammer, after which he took a kitchen knife and stabbed the victim several times until he died. As his mother tried to stop him, she also received several blows. 

The suspect's mother managed to escape her son and ask for help. The woman’s neighbors told that she was crying out of the window, all in blood, and begging someone to call the police. 


When the ambulance and the police arrived, the victim was lying in a pool of blood, and the doctors could not do anything to save his life. The woman was hospitalized with serious injuries.

The quoted source reports that the suspect's mother married the Italian Giuseppe Grillo 12 years ago. The spouses had a common business and worked together, while the son refused to work, which generated numerous family conflicts.

The young man has no criminal record; he testified to the Italian police and was subsequently detained.

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