A 19-year-old woman, resident of the capital city, was detained for drug marketing near a military unit of the Department of Patrol Police.

Following the investigations, it was established that the young lady used to often visit the officers fulfilling their military service in that unit, who she knew from outside work. Also, it was established that the officers offered her money between 100 and 300 lei, and in return received small packs with unknown substances.

A control acquisition of the substances was made through an undercover military, buying a pack of ethnobotanical products and narcotic pills type "Aprofen". Thus, the suspect was detained in front of the military unit.

Following the body search, there were found some narcotic pills, the total value of which is 2000 lei, and material funds of 1000 lei, gained from drug marketing.

The young woman was detained for 72 hours, after being placed under house arrest. The girl pleaded guilty and cooperates with law enforcement authorities. If found guilty, she faces a prison sentence of 7-15 years.

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