About 6000 signatures collected by the initiative group to support the LP presidential candidate, Mihai Ghimpu, were declared invalid by the CEC, writes ZDG. However, the Liberal leader remains a presidential candidate, as other 19.110 signatures were declared valid.

According to the CEC Decision no. 245 of 14/9/16 on the registration of Mr. Mihai Ghimpu as candidate for President of the Republic of Moldova "After verifying the authenticity of the 870 petitions, containing 24.975 signatures, 5.865 signatures were declared null and void. However, it was determined that from all the signatures collected and processed, 19.110 signatures will be considered valid and will meet the legal requirements to support the candidate for President of the Republic, if complying with the requirements laid down in Article 102 par. (1) and (2) of the Electoral Code"

But the resolution adopted by the CEC does not mention the reasons for which the signatures were rejected.

At the same time, 85 lists were returned without being checked because the number of signatures exceeded the maximum limit.

We remind that the initiative group to support the LP presidential candidate Mihai Ghimpu submitted to CEC about 27 petitions containing thousands of signatures on the 6th September. LP will be the second candidate on the ballot.

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