The Unionist Right Party proposed its President Ana Gutu as a candidate for the presidency of the country. Members of the Republican Party Council supported the proposal unanimously.

According to the press release of the party, the Unionist Right was the first political party that proposed to identify a unionist candidate for the presidential elections of 30 October. "Later, talks have reached a deadlock for several reasons: not all the unionist parties responded to the invitation, they did not manage to timely organize a competition of the "primaries" type, even if the Right was the only party which launched and welcomed the idea," the statement says.

Additionally, according to the press release, the Right candidate will have a unionist electoral program, which expresses the essence of the party political program.

Ana Gutu Right Party president is a lecturer. He was a Member of the Parliament in the years 2009-2014. Gutu was part of the Liberal Party, then of the Liberal Reformist, and in September 2015, together with an initiative group, she created the RIGHT Political party that opts for unification of Moldova with Romania. At the inaugural meeting of the new party, Ana Gutu was elected its president.
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