Andrei Nastase denies the information that Maia Sandu is the unique candidate, representing the Liberal Democratic Party, the ASP and the DTPP in the presidential elections.

The leader of the Dignity and Truth Platform came with a reply on Facebook, "The offer that the Dignity and Truth Platform made in the dialogue with our partners from the ASP and the LDP reiterated the decision of the Politburo of 11 October 2016 remains valid until a formal and comprehensiveness response of the governing bodies of the ASP. At the same time, we announce you that on Friday, October 14, the Board of Dignity and Truth National Political Platform will held a meeting that will analyze the situation and will adopt a statutory decision in the interests of the citizens and the country," Nastase said.

Nastase's statements come into contradiction with those of the leader of the LDP, Viorel Cibotaru, who confirmed yesterday, for several media sources that the president of ASP had been appointed as the joint presidential candidate.

Subsequently, Sandu posted a message on the social network, stressing that her party will keep the promises and respect the commitments jointly with the other two political parties.

"The SAP will keep its word and will fulfill its commitments jointly with the LDP and DTPP. The three parties have enough information to determine who has the best chance to win in this election campaign. The fight will be difficult, but if the parties strengthen their forces and act together, we have the chance to destroy the oligarchic system, represented by Marian Lupu and eliminate the anti-European danger, embodied by Igor Dodon. Together we will win," Maia Sandu wrote in her post.

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