Lawyer Andrei Nastase, leader of the Platform "DA", is the party candidate for the presidential elections. The decision was made Wednesday, August 31, in the National Political Council of the Party "Truth and Dignity platform".

At the same time, Nastase maintains that he does not give up on the idea of a common candidate of the right-wing parties in opposition: "This is the Council's decision and I will comply, but the idea of appointing a joint candidate of Action and Solidarity Party remains valid".

According to a press release of the Platform "DA", "The members of the National Political Council noted the degradation of social and political situation in Moldova and the establishment of a dictatorial regime, which wants to remove the last redoubt in the way of seizing total power in the state - the Presidency, through massive electoral fraud on October 30. Although the presidential election is insufficient for demolition of oligarchy mafia, this is an important element in launching the process of extricating the country from captivity. The next stage, the decisive one, is triggering early parliamentary elections. In these circumstances, CPN decided the designation of Platform "DA" leader, Andrei Nastase as candidate for presidential elections. "

In April 2016, leaders of "YES" Platform of Action and Solidarity Party and the European People's Party had set the start for negotiations designating a common candidate for the presidential election. Subsequently, representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party have announced they will participate in negotiations. In July, Iurie Leanca, PPEM president, said negotiations have not evolved and then decided to cooperate with the government for "European integration".

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