The leader of the political party "Dignity and Truth Platform" Andrei Nastase was officially registered on Sunday by Central Election Commission (CEC), for the post of President of the Republic of Moldova. Thus, DA leader will be the fourth candidate on the ballot, preceded by Marian Lupu, Mihai Ghimpu and Iurie Leanca.

Nastase wrote on his Facebook page that his official record brings more strength and courage to demonstrate that the presidential institution can be removed from captivity. In his message, the DA leader also said he will conduct popular claims submitted under massive protests over the past year and a half.

The new official candidate said that he tpower attempts to compromise his accession as a candidate ended with a resounding failure.

Nastase wrote that he will present a complex electoral program, meant to give hope and radical changes in the systemic outline of our country, again focusing on the issues, concerns and pains of every citizen.

"Together, we obtained the right to choose our president. Together, we will succeed for the country and people, a real President of the People" is also written in the message.

We remind that according to the report of Nastase's initiative group, for the collection of 20 thousand signatures for his support, no financial resources were spent.

Also, of all the signatures collected in support of Nastase (20.615) 2.228 were declared void.

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