Communist Party of the Republic of Moldova will decide on Saturday, September 3, in the plenary of the Central Political Committee on their participation in the presidential elections of 30 October, according to

Communists have previously said that they doubt the correctness of the judgment of the Constitutional Court that ruled to return to direct election of the president. They promised to boycott the presidential elections.

During the TV show “Fourth Power” on N4 TV channel, President Vladimir Voronin declared, "The faction has not decided anything about the presidential elections. We are concerned about the anti-constitutional coup, delivered by the Constitutional Court. We cannot participate in an unconstitutional act. We are in the process of discussion and analysis. It is not a matter of our participation, but the elected president will be illegitimate. In Europe, such a president is called "undesirable". No one will invite such a president to any conference, summit, anywhere. Absurd. "

Recall that the CPRM leader Vladimir Voronin held the presidency for 8 years (2001-2009). 

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