President of the Communist party of Moldova has announced the party will boycott the presidential elections of 30 October and will urge citizens not to go out to vote, according to The decision was taken after the meeting of the Political Executive Committee of the Communist Party that lasted about 4 hours.

"We’re boycotting these elections because they are not constitutional, they are based on changes, made by the Constitutional Court on March 4, amendments that are absolutely unconstitutional and unfounded. Therefore, this President, even if elected, will be illegitimate. All the activities and decrees adopted by such president will be illegitimate. We hope that once, capable and reliable people, who will be guided by the law, will come to lead the country. We cannot agree with such changes, with things what are happening in the Parliament and in the country. We cannot vote for this mafia, "said Vladimir Voronin for the media.

Voronin also said that party members would urge voters not to vote. "God forbid, if any of these candidates becomes a president, woe to our people! There is only ambition and nothing else."

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