After long negotiations, Maia Sandu was designated the joint candidate of the three parties: the Liberal Democratic Party, Dignity and Truth Platform Party and Action and Solidarity Party.

The decision to appoint the leader of ASP as a joint candidate for the presidential election came after presenting the results of the second survey.

Previously, Nastase said in reference to Maia Sandu that, "People need to understand that we have a common agenda and we trust each other."

The three parties, Liberal Democratic Party, Action and Solidarity Party and Dignity and Truth Platform Party decided in August that they would have a joint candidate in the presidential elections.

Maia Sandu was part of the Liberal Democratic Party team, establishing subsequently the Action and Solidarity Party. Sandu served as Minister of Education from July 2012 - July 2015. Also, before becoming a Minister, Maia Sandu held for 2 years the position of advisor to the Executive Director of the World Bank in Washington DC.

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