Demnitate şi Adevar (Dignity and Truth) Political Party has filed a complaint to international organizations and foreign embassies, accredited in Chisinau, OSCE, CEC, Promo-Lex, the IMF, Parliament, Government, Prosecution Office, NIC, and independent media in connection with the signals, received from citizens from different districts of the country, which unmask illegal practices to collect signatures in favor of the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party.

The document issued by the DTPP stated, "Citizens announce us that the state structures have forced their employees to sign for the DP candidate, being blackmailed that they will lose their jobs. Posta Moldova, Moldtelecom, Moldovagaz, State Registry, schools, hospitals and other state organizations used these practices. The same sources say Plahotniuc's henchmen accumulated signatures before DP had an official candidate."

" The super-efficiency" showed by the state-party has been possible due to the administrative resources, preliminary collection and fabrication of signatures. By such illegal and manipulative actions the DP candidate could be declared a 'winner' even before the vote count," the complaint reads.

The Dignity and Truth Platform Political Party calls on all the candidates, who advocate liberating the state from captivity and restoring constitutional order to launch "a common front against abuse, defiance of law and common sense, including by preparing a common protest in the near future.

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