Dumitru Ciubaşenco, Our Party candidate, filed to the Central Election Commission today, petitions with the signatures gathered.

Ciubaşenco, collected over 25 thousand signatures in Balti, Chisinau, Gagauzia and other districts.

"I participated in collecting the signatures, I did it honestly, I visited several villages, people say they see an alternative in Our Party and they will vote for us" states Ciubaşenco.

The logo on the ballot will be used in the local elections, with the name of Renato Usatîi.

"Who will find the Ciubaşenco name will vote for Ciubaşenco, and who will find the name of Renato Usatîi will vote for him. Mr. Usatîi said he is Ciubaşenco and Ciubaşenco is him, " mentiones the OP candidate.

The formation has spent MDL 460.000 for collecting signatures.

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