Two initiative groups to support presidential candidates have presented their reports on cash flow. Thus, the initiative group of the candidate EPPM, Iurie Leanca declared expenses of MDL 3.409, while the PPDA candidate, Andrei Nastase - MDL 200.

The money spent by the initiative group in support of Leancă were donated by businesses. Of the MDL 3.409, MDL 2.565 were spent on promotional materials, MDl 444 for banking services and MDL 400 for office supplies.

In the case of Andrei Nastase, the report shows expences of just MDL 200 for banking services. However, PPDA had revenues of MDL 450 from corporate donations.

However, PPDA has already been accused by deputy SergiuSirbu of faking the process of collecting signatures, because they have indicated in the report that they have not spent any money. Sirbu wrote on his Facebook page that this is impossible, because even the smallest details such as pens and travel tickets must be reflected in the expense report, also the fact that signature collectors worked for free.

The deputy claims that he will inform the CEC of this regard, and for such a fraud PPDA risks cancellation of the registration of candidate.

We note that the PPDA accused the Democratic Party representatives of violating the collection of signatures, taking the action to court.

Previously the candidate Mihai Ghimpu and independent candidate Ion Dron had reports equaling 0. However, they have not been charged with fraud.

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