Mihai Ghimpu is ready to withdraw from the election, if the joint candidate, Maia Sandu, assumes his objective related to unification with Romania.

He said that if Sandu accepts the objective, he would withdraw, "If you accept this objective, we stop it". The Liberal mentioned that his name would remain on the list, until the ASP leader gave him an answer.

"I will withdraw from the race in favor of a pro-European candidate who will fight for the Unification. I’ve been fighting for this cause since 1988 so, whoever wants to take the idea of unification will have my support. This means that DNA would cross the Prut River. The fight against corruption is not within the powers of the president, "Ghimpu said.

Please note that Maia Sandu asked Dorin Chirtoaca in a televised debate, why Ghimpu had not unified with Romania while he was president, the mayor said that this was not within the powers of the President.

Recall that two days ago, the DP candidate, Marian Lupu, withdrew from the race. He said that he withdrew in favor of the pro-European candidate, who is most likely to defeat the Socialist Igor Dodon.

It should be mentioned that the leader of the European Popular Party of Moldova, Iurie Leanca, decided to participate in the electoral race although earlier he had planned to withdraw in favor of Maia Sandu. Leanca said that he decided to stay in the race because of her reaction after the withdrawal of Marian Lupu. Maia Sandu declared that she did not need the support of Vlad Plahotniuc. Previously, the president of the EPP Joseph Dual urged Iurie Leanca to withdraw in favor of Maia Sandu.

Our editorial board apologies for the erroneous information that has been previously presented. 

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