Alina Russu, the Head of the Central Election Commission, confirmed last night in a TV show that among the lists submitted by Maia Laguta, were also some without any signatures but stamped by mayors of villages.

"Indeed, the working group found in the set of documents submitted by Maia Laguta, two petitions, which had been awarded to another candidate. I requested an explanation from Maia Laguta. She could not explain why this happened, but those lists were not validated or taken into account. Additionally, the group identified stamped lists but with no signatures. The working group would examine them and see who stamped them and if it's a violation," Alina Russu said.

These affirmations come against the backdrop of yesterday's accusations, made by Maia Sandu. The candidate of Action and Solidarity Party accuses the CEC that it violated several rules, while registering the last four candidates in the electoral race, specifically, she mentioned the case of Maia Laguta.

Recall that Maia Sandu said, "as for Maia Laguta’s case, apart from the documents submitted by her, she submitted the subscription lists of Roman Mihaies. Laguta also presented empty lists, but stamped by municipalities. Basically, not a single signature has been checked.”

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